No, Tchopshop is NOT a salvage yard
or a hair salon.

It’s not a gas station or a butcher shop.

It’s a handcrafted graphic design shop
that began on Tchoupitoulas Street.

We like, among other things, bad puns...

So a “chop” is the ancient Chinese word
for a brand or seal.

A chop is, in essence, a word for logo...

We are inspired to chop out
what is superfluous,

to chisel to the heart of a message...

To do this, of course, we love sharp,
shiny, new tools,

and even sharper creative minds...

Please explore our portfolio.

tchoupitoulas is...

Yards from the Mississippi river, and curving along its bends, Tchoupitoulas Street is a gritty bustling road of commerce and industry, famous for jazz clubs and classic New Orleans food, like Emeril’s, Mother’s, and Hansen’s Snoballs. Tchopshop Media was based in a legendary 70’s jazz club, Rosy’s Jazz Hall, several blocks from the even more famous “Tipitina’s”. Our name derives from this street, where we set up shop in 2001.

chop = logo

A “chop” is an ancient Chinese word for a brand or seal. Long before Europe had crests or coats of arms, the Chinese had “chops” as marks of individuals and institutions. It is, essentially, the origin of the modern logo and one of the reasons we use it as a symbol of our firm.

sharpen your knife

We strive to chisel away the visual clutter, to lay bare the most compelling essence of a message.

We like shiny new tools, and sharpening our vision and our minds on new creative projects.